Monday, June 25, 2012

Howdy From Home!

Howdy From Home!

I seriously had a blast this weekend in Utah!  It’s nothin’ like goin home for a short while to realize how much you miss the place.  As much I as I love Texas and will forever claim to have grown up there (literally into a teen and then into an adult), I will from now on until I find another place I love oh-so-much, call Utah home.

Despite the awful weather: no wind, either clouds with no rain or blue sky with sun but cold; dry air so the need for lotion increases ten fold; the once it snows, it fails to stay long enough to build a decent fort, and those things rushed are never truly all they could be.
Despite the bubble:  you can only truly leave when you own a car.
Despite the lack of uniqueness:  so many Mormons and on top of that, they all seem to be the exact same: marriage, clothing, standards (for the most part), and everything home made (cute but when everyone has a fabric backpack, they get old).

I love the family:  all of my extended family (minus one family in Arizona) lives there; they help me by providing love, family dinners, and so much more that I will never be able to thank them enough.
I love the mountains:  sorry Texas.  I still can’t get straight where the heck Dallas is when I’m driving North on I-30 East.  Or whatever the heck the freeway is called.  I will always be able to know North from South from East from West.
I love who Utah has made me.

And continuing to pile right on top of all that, my grampie gets married!
Talk about one of the happiest moments in my life.  This wonderful man deserves no one but the best.  And who does he find?  Someone way better than I could have prayed for for him.  MaryAnne is God’s angel sent to earth if not for a billion other reasons: wonderful school teacher, wonderful mother, seriously awesome music picker, great styles, and too much more – she was sent here to marry my grampie and bring out the best of him.  How can I ever thank her enough???  Any ideas?

I have never seen grampie so happy in his life.  Ever.  I love celestial, eternal marriage.

FFN (Future Family Note)
Get married in the Temple.  NO MATTER WHAT.

Callin’ From the Clouds!

Callin’ From the Clouds!

Talk about all the cool places I can claim to be when flying!  If we’re counting all the places I have flown over, we’re talkin’ over a hundred places in the past year.  If we’re just talkin’ places I’ve landed in, well, it’s a few less places but still, a lot of places.  And all in the past year flying from Texas to Utah; Utah to Texas.

1.     Tulsa, Oklahoma
2.     El Paso, Texas
3.     Austin, Texas
4.     Odessa, Texas
5.     Lubbock, Texas
6.     Albuquerque, New Mexico
7.     Los Angeles, California
8.     Kanas City, Missouri
9.     Denver, Colorado

And now imagine all the beautiful sights I’ve seen!  Oh wait.  I’ve put pictures up of all of them.  So please enjoy all the sights so you too can claim to have been there.